Mardi Gras Parades Hit Full Power This Weekend

February 8 2013

Mardi Gras ParadesAfter two amazing nights of Mardi Gras parades, the excitement continues tonight and runs all weekend long. Highlights this weekend include, but definitely aren't limited to Endymion on Saturday and Bacchus on Sunday.

Keep up to date with all of the parades including times and routes.

Friday, February 8th

Krewe of Hermes

The Krewe of Hermes start things rolling Uptown at 6 pm. In recent years, carnival critics honored Hermes with awards for best parade overall and best night parade. I have a feeling that you don’t want to miss this organization.

Krewe d’Etat

Kree d’Etat follow Hermes Uptown. Keep an eye out for their signature throw, the blinking logo skull on beads. They were the first Krewe to throw blinking beads.

Krewe of Morpheus

A fan favorite, the Krewe of Morpheus rolls at 7pm. It’s a male and female Krewe that promises an old-school parade experience.

Saturday, February 9th

Krewe of NOMTOC

The Krewe of NOMTOC is worth heading over to see on the West Bank Saturday morning at 10:45 am. The all-black Krewe offers a parade that the whole family will love.

Krewe of Iris

Back on the East Bank, the Krewe of Iris parade Uptown at 11 am. Iris is the oldest and largest all-female Krewe with more than 900 members parading every year.

Krewe of Tucks Toilet Bowl Brushes Throw

Krewe of Tucks

The Krewe Of Tucks follow at noon. To celebrate 45 years of parading, the Tucks are handing out a brand new throw, a custom designed Royal Toilet Brush. That’s one I’m hoping to get!

Krewe of Endymion

Head to Mid-City to see Endymion, one of the three Super Krewes take the stage with their world largest float and pop star Kelly Clarkson as their celebrity grand marshall at 4 pm.

Sunday, February 10th

Krewe of Okeanos

The Krewe of Okeanos start off the early parades at 11 am. They roll with 250 male and female riders, keep and eye out for their captain, king and elaborate costumes.

Krewe of Mid-City

The Krewe of Mid-City follows the Okeanos. This is their 80th year parading, making them the 5th oldest Krewe.

Krewe of Thoth

With more than 1,200 riders and 40 floats, the Krewe of Thoth comes down the Uptown parade route next. Keep an eye out for their 3D die-cut metallic necklaces and six inch stuffed polar bears.

Krewe of Bacchus

Super Krewe Bacchus is the grand finale this weekend with their super floats. Their celebrity king is G.W. Bailey, who is known for his acting roles in the “Police Academy” movies and on the cable TV crime drama “The Closer.”

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