krewedelusion Parade Route

in the French Quarter
  • The krewedelusion Parade Route begins on the corner of Franklin Ave. and Royal Street in New Orleans.
  • The parade will progress on Royal until it turns left at Frenchmen.
  • The parade will proceed on Frenchmen until it turns right on Decatur towards Dumaine.
  • At Dumaine., the parade will turn right for one block and then takes a left on Chartres St.
  • Ir continues on Chartres and makes a left onto Barracks Street, followed by another left on Royal St.
  • After travelling through the French Quarter on Royal St., the krewe turns right on St. Ann St.
  • Proceeds on St. Ann for four blocks and turns right on North Rampart St.
  • It continues down North Rampart until it reaches Governor Nicholls, where the krewe dropps off their floats and begin a Second Line.
  • The Second Line begins by going the opposite direction on N Rampart St for one block.
  • It continues for five blocks until North Robertson St, where it takes a left.
  • The second line rolls travels down N Robertson for just over a block until it reaches Candlelight Lounge for the Bedlam Ball.
krewedelusion logo

krewedelusion is one of the city’s newest, satirical parades. It’s slogan: "The People Shall Rule – Until a Suitable Replacement Can Be Found."

This unique parade krewe is comprised "innerkrewes" including the Guise of Fawkes, Krewe Dat 504, Krewe of Hellarious Wingnuts, and the Krewe of London, France of Underpants. krewedelusion keeps its annual theme a secret until the actual day of the parade.

The Krewe’s mission is "to save the Universe, beginning at its center, New Orleans."

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