krewedelusion Parade Route

in the French Quarter
  • The krewedelusion parade route begins on the corner of Franklin Ave. and Royal St.
  • The parade will progress on Royal St. crossing Elysian Fields Ave. and turning left on Frenchmen Street.
  • The parade will continue down Frenchmen Street turning right on Decatur St., crossing Esplanade Ave. into the French Quarter.
  • The parade will continue on Decatur through the French Quarter then turns right on St. Phillip St.
  • It continues up St. Phillip St. for two blocks then turns left on Royal St.
  • The parade continues on Royal St. through the French Quarter until it turns left on Toulouse St.
  • The parade will continue down Toulouse St. until it reaches Decatur St. and turns right.
  • It continues down Decatur St. veering left onto N. Peters St. and crossing over Canal St.
  • Once past Canal St., N. Peters turns into Tchoupitoulas St. and the parade continues down Tchoupitoulas St. until making a left on S. Diamond St.
  • The parade travels S. Diamond St. for just one block and ends at The Howlin’ Wolf on 907 S. Peters St. for the Bedlam Ball.
krewedelusion logo

krewedelusion is one of the city’s newest, satirical parades. It’s slogan: "Organization is Delusion."

This unique parade krewe is comprised "innerkrewes" including The Weathergirls, Kreweleidoscope, Krewe de Mayahuel, Krewe du Jieux, The Baby Dolls, The AlKreweists, The Trashformers, Krewe of Bananas, and Krewe of Libertas. krewedelusion keeps its annual theme a secret until the actual day of the parade.

The Krewe’s mission is "to save the Universe, beginning at its center, New Orleans."

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