Fools of Misrule Parade Route

in Covington
  • The Fools of Misrule start at the Columbia Street Tap Room on the corner of Lockwood Street and Columbia Street.
  • They travel west for 2 blocks, and take a right on New Hampshire Street.
  • The parade continues down to make a left at Walker Alley; and then they make another left onto Columbia Street.
  • The procession continues until it reaches the starting point at Lockwood Street.

This festive Northshore marching parade, founded in 2011, features flambeaux, a brass band and costumed revelers. It’s every bit as impressive as any parade of its kind in the city itself. Their rituals are derived from an ancient English men's group that clamored along the evening streets, creating unruliness with cowbells and whips while delivering jeers and spankings to those caught on the street unaware. The Fools of Misrule integrated "St. John" into its name to pay homage to the historic St. John District of old Covington where the group was founded and conducts its bawdy procession. The krewe is  led by the “Lord of Misrule."  Their slogan is “Vivere Vitam Omnino - Live Life Completely.