Tips for Catching Great Mardi Gras Swag

January 22 2018

Shouting "throw me something, mister" will probably catch you a pair of beads (or more!). But if you want the really great throws, chances are you'll need to work a little harder. (You can catch awesome swag!)

Some sought after items include stuffed animals, light sabers that actually light up, footballs, Frisbees, roses, cups, shirts, swords, and more. We have a few #protips to help you fill a big bag full of cool catches.

Bring a cute kid! Seriously – Mardi Gras parades in Uptown and Mid City are family friendly, and krewes love to shower those kids with great gets like stuffed animals, footballs, and the good beads. From ladders to shoulders, the more visible that cute face is the better.  There’s nothing quite like watching a kid light up after catching a fabulous throw!

Location. Location. Location.Like a lot of things in life, location is everything! Mardi Gras parades mean serious business in New Orleans. Some people even camp out on the neutral ground for days to reserve their annual spot. (No, we’re not kidding). So while attending parades are free, you will want to plan ahead to ensure you have access to prime real estate. 

Eye contact. Catch an eye and don’t be too proud to beg. Pretty please can work wonders.

Make a sign. Is it your first Mardi Gras? Did you just get engaged? Just love Mardi Gras? Make a sign. The more creative the better.

Wear a crazy costume! In New Orleans you don’t need an excuse to wear a crazy costume, but if you want one Mardi Gras is it. From tutus and wigs to face paint and glitter (and everything in between) deck yourself out in fun attire and make a some noise!

Hope these tips help. Have a happy Mardi Gras, y’all!

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