Official 2018 Invitation to Mardi Gras

February 6 2018

At one time, Rex posted colorful posters in train stations and elsewhere all over the country, inviting people to come celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans “under the Joyful Carnival Banner.” Today, the “Royal Invitation” is sent out on websites and social media.

The 2018 Rex Proclamation is the work of New Orleans artist Tim Trapolin. It was unveiled at a Twelfth Night event at Mardi Gras World, attended by Mayor Mitch Landrieu and several Carnival organizations.

In honor of New Orleans' Tricentennial, Trapolin's proclamation features a figure of La Louisiane holding the de Pauger plan of La Nouvelle Orleans. Bienville, Iberville, an alligator and the Boeuf Gras are also pictured.

See Official Press Release here

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