New Orleans Launches New Safety Camera Network in Time for Mardi Gras

January 31 2018

The Good Times – and the Cameras – are Rolling

In an effort to make the "Greatest Free Show on Earth" as carefree and safe as possible, a dozen cameras are now up along popular New Orleans parade routes. All eight police department districts in the city now have cameras connected to the city's new real-time monitoring center. By the first quarter of 2018, the city plans to have 250 cameras up around the city.

While securiity cameras are one piece of the safety equation, remember these common sense safety tips as well. Take the time to go over them with your family before you hit the parade route.

Tips for a Safe and Happy Mardi Gras

• Make sure your children know their phone number• Mark your kids’ clothes on the inside with name, address, and phone number

• Try to view the parades from the same area and teach your child a landmark to meet at, if you get separated

• Teach your children to try to stay calm if they get lost

• Teach them to look for a uniformed police officer

• Go over general Stranger Danger rules with your kids

• Never allow children in the street or follow behind the parade

• Put small children in a ladder off the street (as far back as the ladder is tall). An adult should stay with the ladder at all times

• Don't let your child eat any candy throws before you check it thoroughly

* Don’t run after throws or floats or put your hands on the ground

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