Must See And Do Things In New Orleans During Mardi Gras

December 21 2012

Coming down to the Big Easy for Mardi Gras? There’s so much to see and do in New Orleans wherever you turn during the carnival season. The parades are just half of the fun, there's great restaurants, picturesque photo opportunities and lots of live music! There's no way I could include all of the must see and do things in just one article, but here are some highlights that we strongly recomend checking out while you're in town!

Mardi GrasSee A Parade Uptown On St. Charles Avenue

Most people from outside of New Orleans think Mardi Gras and they think the French Quarter. Many of the parades travel by the French Quarter on Canal Street, but some of the best spots to see the parades isn’t anywhere near the Vieux Carre.

Instead head Uptown and enjoy a parade or two traveling down St. Charles like a local. The crowds are a little bit more manageable, plus it’s a more welcoming atmosphere and family friendly.

Any spot along St. Charles is a great place to see a parade, but some of our favorite spots Uptown are at the intersection of St. Charles and Napoleon Avenues or in the Garden District around Washington Avenue.

Visit Jackson Square

Of course, there’s more to see and do in New Orleans than the parades. The most photographed spot in the Big Easy and maybe the world is Jackson Square. It’s a beautiful park that mixes the history with the excitement that makes New Orleans. Take a break here, take lots of photos and peruse the artists that line the perimeter of the park.

Stop In Café Du Monde

Kitty corner to the park is the establishment called Café Du Monde. It’s one of those spots that you just have to check off before you can leave. Stop there to get a New Orleans favorite called beignets, which makes for a perfect parade day breakfast or really a delicious snack anytime. Of course pick up a coffee with chicory or a coffee au lait in order to stay caffeinated all day long.

Shop The French Market

Just down the street from Café Du Monde is the French Market. It’s a farmers/flea market where you can find everything from local treats to the perfect souvenir to bring home and just about everything else in between. This is another great spot to find the work of local artists.

Explore Frenchmen Street

Frenchmen Street is the local’s favorite lined with restaurants, jazz bars and more. Marigny Brasseire is a great place to start out the evening with a meal of local seafood and farm produce. Then head down to any of the many places that feature live music every night for an amazing concert put on by talented local musicians like Kermit Ruffins and Ellis Marsallis.

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