Mardi Gras Safety Tips

January 31 2018

New Orleans Musicians

The New Orleans Police want you to enjoy Mardi Gras 2018. With that in mind, remember these "common sense" rules for safety:

  • Don't keep your money out for any longer than is necessary. You don't want to make yourself the victim of a professional pickpocket.
  • Don't park in front of driveways, fire hydrants, or anywhere you would not normally be allowed to park. And be sure to lock your vehicle!
  • Keep your children close, and don't let them wander off. Be sure that they know to stay behind the parade barricades
  • Remember, the Neutral Ground (median) is public property, and it is illegal to block off areas for private use
  • Glass containers are prohibited along parade routes
  • If your children are in ladders to view the parade, be sure that they are placed as many feet behind the street curb as the ladder is high

A Safety Update from The City of New Orleans

There's more to Mardi Gras than beads, beads and more beads. There are safety regulations. Traffic restrictions. Parking rules. Nobody has more experience throwing a safe party than The City of New Orleans. The NOPD (the New Orleans Police Department) is used to crowd control and securing spaces around parades. Rest assured, the City has a team of security experts who have thought of everything they can to make Mardi Gras 2018 as safe as possible. To learn more about steps that have been taken to ensure the safety of our guests during Carnival season, read this press release from the City of New Orleans.

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