Election Confection: Caluda’s Presidential King Cake

October 9 2020
Vote Trump Vote Biden

With election 2020 upon us, Caluda’s King Cake had a winning idea: they added Presidential King Cakes to their offerings. Instead of the Mardi Gras purple, green and gold, these traditional cinnamon king cakes are decorated in red, white and blue with a chocolate coin bearing the name Trump or Biden. An “undecided” option is also available but, if you claim neutrality, you miss out the chance to win a $10 coupon later on. That's right! If your chosen candidate ultimately wins the race, you receive a coupon good for another king cake – perhaps at holiday or Carnival season.

Caluda’s makes all of their king cakes by hand with a thirty-step process. Each is hand braided with butter, vanilla and cinnamon. And, yup, there's a baby in every king cake.  Every time a customer purchases one of these king cakes, they’re casting a vote and the poll results are updated on the bakery’s home page, www.kingcakeshop.com.

Caluda’s suggests that you order one of their king cakes for debate nights or election day. Or why not present one to your friends or famiy members across the aisle as a gesture of goodwill? The really cool part is Caluda’s King Cake will donate $5 from every sale to Animal Rescue New Orleans, the city’s only no-kill animal shelter. According to Chef John Caluda, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in New York ,“We chose this charity because red or blue, we all love animals.”

Pick up or have a Presidential King Cake delivered to your home or office now. Like voting, the earlier the better.

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