A Purple, Gold and Greener Mardi Gras: Bead Recycling

February 12 2018

The Young Leadership Council and Arc of Greater New Orleans have teamed up to make green the primary color of Mardi Gras with a much-needed bead recyling program. According to WGNO, recently over 93,000 pounds of beads were found in our city's catch basins. To prevent this problem from recurring, the groups have set up six bead recyling stations along the Uptown parade route, and volunteers have been passing out bead bags and plastic bags. You just fill them up and bring what you don't want to take home to one of the stations after the parade. Although YLC Recycles has been recycling at various events in New Orleans since 2013, this will be the first time they do it for Mardi Gras. The group will take bead and throw donations all year round. Throw 'em something, Mister! Learn more.

Thousands are are signing a bead-ban petition. Where do you stand? Read on.

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