Krewe of Perseus Parade Route

in Slidell
  • The Krewe of Perseus parade will start at the intersection of Berkley Street and Spartan Drive in Slidell, Louisiana.
  • The parade will follow Spartan Drive northwest to Highway 11, where it will turn right.
  • The parade will follow Highway 11 all the way up to Highway 190 (Gause), where it will proceed east (right)..
  • The Krewe will proceed through town and end at Rouses.
Krewe of Perseus logo

Founded in 1970, the Mystick Krewe of Perseus is Slidell’s oldest Carnival organization. Perseus was the Greek god and slayer of monsters (he beheaded the Gorgon Medusa (yeah, the one with snakes for hair). The son of Zeus and mortal Danaë, Perseus was also the half-brother and great grandfather of Heracles (and you thought your family was complicated.) 

Every year, Perseus treats this Northshore community to a thirteen-float parade, with nine double-decker floats. Each float rider constructs his or her own costume. They also host a traditional tableau ball.

Membership in Perseus ranges from 200 to 250 members. They are incorporated as Beau Geste, Inc. Throws include hand-decorated plastic crabs, crab beads and more.

  • Year founded:  1970
  • Membership:  150 male and female members
  • Number of floats: 13 floats
  • Signature throw:  hand decorated plastic crabs