Parade of Homes, 2021 Style!

March 16 2021

When it became obvious to everyone that going forth with our usual 70-something Mardi Gras parades in 2021 wasn’t going to be good idea, city leaders reached out to the public for ideas — ways to celebrate Carnival time safely. One of the best ideas came from Megan Joy Boudreaux who suggested in a Tweet that people decorate their homes like floats.

The idea caught on like flambeaux and the Krewe of House Floats was born. Not only has it gotten everyone in the Mardi Gras spirit, but it became a great way to support our local artists community who began making and selling decorations.

This year, from the Northshore to the South, on the East Bank and the West, we’re celebrating “Yardi Gras” in a big way. (It gives new meaning to the term “Parade of Homes.”)

Restaurants such as Commander's Palace (pictured below), banks and other businesses are even getting in on the act!

Sidney Donaldson has been inspired by what he’s been seeing in neighborhoods all around the city. He took many of our House Float pics (all of those above) and all of those in our "Floats in the Oaks' gallery for 2021.  Thank you, Sidney!

View Gallery of Float Houses 

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