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Arthur Hardy's Mardi Gras Guide

Arthur Hardy's Mardi Gras Guide is an award-winning magazine that has sold more than 3 million copies! It is published every year with updated Mardi Gras news, updates, articles about history and more.

Formerly available only in stores, the 2017 issue can now be downloaded as an app on both Iphones and Androids!

Arthur Hardy, a fifth-generation New Orleanian, is recognized as a premiere authority on Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Since 1977 he has been featured in magazines, books, TV, and radio. As a consultant to visiting media, Hardy has worked with journalists from National Geographic, CNN, Frommer's, USA Today, Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, and Fodor's to name a few. If you'd like to contact Arthur, please complete the form below.


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