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Krewe of Tucks Parade Route

in Uptown New Orleans

The Krewe of Tucks start time has changed to 11am.

Krewe of TucksThe Krewe of Tucks first began in 1969 as a group of Loyola University students. The name "Krewe of Tucks" comes from the name of a now non-existen uptown pub where two college students decided to start their own krewe after failing at their attempt to become white flambeaux carriers.

The parade has grown immensely over the years. Originally it was a night time parade of pick-up trucks. They changed to a daytime parade in 1983 and joined the traditional Uptown to Downtown route in 1986.

Since its founding, Krewe of Tucks has a reputation of a rag-tag group. While the group has grown, they made sure to never lose their sense of humor and maintains their “Animal House” reputation. They are recognized for its irreverence and satirical floats, including the King's Throne, a giant toilet.

Past Krewe of Tucks kings include actors John Candy and Eugene Levy.

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