Days Left Until
Mardi Gras


Knights of Sparta Parade Route

in Uptown New Orleans

SpartaThis years theme: A Knight at the Tonys
Founded in 1951, the Knights of Sparta take their name from the city-state in southern Greece, renowned for its simple, stoic ways and exemplary disciplines.

The Knights of Sparta, an all-male krewe, first paraded in 1981 in Orleans Parish. The Knights are still known for their elaborate bal masque tableaus and for their traditional, yet innovative, street parade on the first Saturday on the Carnival parade season. This organization is formed by more than 350 male riders.

Their 2014 parade paid tribute to famous couples and is called "Isn't it Romantic." This parade includes historic touches like flambeaux and mule driven floats. "Their throws include medallion beads, doubloons and Spartan helmets.

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