Days Left Until
Mardi Gras


Krewe of Selene Parade Route

in Slidell
  • The Krewe of Selene parade begins at the intersection of Spartan Drive and Highway 11.
  • It follows Highway 11 until the intersection with Highway 190, where they take a right.
  • They follow Highway 190 until reaching their conclusion at the intersection of Corporate Square Drive.

Krewe of SeleneThe Krewe of Selene parades in Slidell, Louisiana on the Friday night before Mardi Gras. It came into existence in 1998, founded by a group of local professional women. Their first year began with a membership of 260 women, and the membership has since grown to almost 500 members.

The krewe is named after the Greek goddess of the moon from mythology. Selene was the companion to Endymion, the god of wine and merriment.

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