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Knights of Nemesis Parade Route

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in Chalmette

NOTE: The date, time and route have not yet been confirmed for the 2016 year!

  • The Knights of Nemesis parade starts on W. Judge Perez Dr at the intersection of Dr. Meraux Blvd.
  • They travel east on Judge Perez Dr. until reaching Campagna Dr.
  • At Campagna Drive, they take a u-turn on Judge Perez Dr. and travel west until Jean Lafitte Parkway.

NemesisThe Knights of Nemesis take its name from the goddess of retribution in the Greek mythology.

In 2004, a group of one-time members from the Krewe of Gladiators and several long-time carnival parade riders came together and formed the Knights of Nemesis Social Club and Parade. In 2006, the krewe had its inaugural parade as the only St. Bernard organization to roll in the parish after Hurricane Katrina, and continues to be the only active parade to this day.

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