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Krewe of Isis Parade Route

in Metairie
The Jefferson Parish parade routes are likely to change within the coming weeks, please check back often for updates!
  • The Krewe of Isis will begin at the intersection of Woodlawn Avenue and Eldorado Street.
  • The parade will go east to Houma Boulevard, where it will turn north.
  • At the intersection of Veterans Memorial Boulevard and Houma Boulevard, the parade will turn west.
  • Before the Krewe of Isis reaches Clearview Parkway, the parade will turn around on Veterans (near North Woodlawn Avenue) and use the westbound lane to go east.
  • The parade will continue east until it reaches Severn Avenue, where it will turn north.
  • The krewe will travel up Severn to the intersection of Severn and 12th Street, where the parade will turn around and head south.
  • At Veterans Memorial Boulevard, the parade will once more turn east.
  • The parade will follow Veterans all the way to Bonnabel Boulevard, where the parade will turn turn north once again.
  • At the intersection of Bonnabel and Feronia Street, the krewe will turn around and head south to Veterans once more.
  • On the final leg of the parade route, the krewe will travel east to the intersection of Veterans and Martin Behrman Avenue, where the parade will end.

Krewe of Isis Founded in 1973, the all-female Krewe of Isis first started parading in Kenner before taking the standard Veterans Memorial Boulevard route in Jefferson Parish. Isis is Metairie’s oldest all-female organization.

Comprised of 200 riders and 18 floats, this Egyptian-themed krewe features an assortment of marching bands, dance teams and spectacularly attired maids.

Isis is an Ancient Egyptian goddess who was worshipped as the ideal mother and wife, as well as the patroness of nature and magic. She is known as a protector of the dead and goddess of children.

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