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Krewe of Hermes Parade Route

in Uptown New Orleans
  • The Krewe of Hermes parade will start at the intersection of Magazine Street and Napoleon Avenue in New Orleans.
  • The parade will head along Napoleon Avenue north until St. Charles Street, where the parade will turn east.
  • The krewe will follow St. Charles all the way to Lee Circle, around the circle and back on St. Charles northward to Canal Street.
  • At Canal, the parade turn northwest and follow Canal to University Pl.
  • At University Pl., the parade takes a u-turn and travels back down Canal St. until the intersection with Tchoupitoulas and Poydras Street.
  • At that intersection the parade takes a right on to Tcoupitoulas.
  • The parade takes that street until the intersection with Poydras Street where it will end.

Krewe of HermesFounded in 1937, while America suffered through the Great Depression, a group of New Orleans businessman met to come up with a solution to the widespread woes of the time, a solution that only New Orleanians could come up with: throwing a party.

In 2005, the members of Hermes faced devastation and despair, the likes that hadn’t been felt in New Orleans since the Great Depression. Refusing to let the storm stop them, Hermes was one of the first Carnival Clubs to re-organize after Hurricane Katrina.

The Krewe of Hermes take their name from the Greek mythos of the winged courier of the gods.

The Knights of Hermes distinguished their inaugural parade as the first to use neon lighting for its floats in 1938 and, as per tradition, the Hermes' captain leads the procession in full regalia on a white horse. Today, the Krewe of Hermes parades through Uptown with nearly 700 male riders.

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