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Krewe of Dionysus Parade Route

in Slidell
  • The Krewe of Dionysus parade starts on Berkley Street.
  • They travel on Berkley Towards Westchester Blvd.
  • There they take a left on to Westchester Blvd.
  • Their next turn is a right on to Highway 11.
  • The parade follows Highway 11 all the way to Highway 190.
  • The parade takes a right on to Highway 190, taking it to the end of its course, near the intersection of 190 and Kensington Boulevard.


The Krewe of Dionysus was founded in 1985 by a group of Northshore businessmen with the intention of bringing the first all-male krewe to Slidell. The club’s royalty is selected at the Coronation ball where the king and queen are chosen from the Krewe’s maids and members of the King’s Club.

Dionysus is the ancient Greek God of winemaking and wine, along with “inspired madness.”

King Dionysus XXIX is Jack Hutchison. Queen Dionysus XXIX is Taylor Frisard. Grand Marshal: Joshua Tamborella. 2014 Theme: Boyhood Memories The 250+ members will parade with 16 floats including 11 double-deckers.

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