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Krewe of Choctaw Parade Route

in Uptown New Orleans
  • The Krewe of Choctaw parade will start at the intersection of Napoleon Avenue and Tchoupitoulas Street in New Orleans.
  • The parade will proceed north until St. Charles Street, where the krewe will turn east.
  • The Krewe of Choctaw will follow St. Charles all the way to Lee Circle, around the circle and back on St. Charles northward to Canal Street.
  • At Canal, the parade will turn northwest on Canal and follow the road to Burgundy Street, where the parade will turn around and proceed on the opposite side of Canal Street southeastward.
  • The krewe will follow Canal to the interesection of North Peters Street and Canal Street, where the parade will end.

ChoctawFounded in 1935, The Krewe of Choctaw had their first parade in 1939, 4 years after the founding of the organization.

Although the krewe took the name of a Native American tribe that inhabited Louisiana, the krewe's roots are in southern government.

The Krewe of Choctaw follows the traditional Uptown route in New Orleans.  It rolls on Saturday at 2 pm on the first weekend of the carnival season.

Their 2014 theme was "Choctaw's Vaction Destionations." Keep your hands up to catch plush tomahawks, spears, beads and wooden nickles.

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