Days Left Until
Mardi Gras


Krewe of Carrollton Parade Route

in Uptown New Orleans

CarrolltonFounded in 1924 by a group of local businessmen, Carrollton has a long-standing tradition of rolling exactly at its designated time.

The krewe has weathered the tests of time through its nearly 90 years of existence. The organization made a lasting place for itself in 1933 when - due to the wettest season on record - Carrollton was the only daytime parade for the year. Nearly a decade later, a devastating den fire and the outbreak of World War II seemingly disbanded the krewe in 1942. However, in 1947, the surviving members reunited and resumed their place in the Mardi Gras lineup.

Formed by more than 325 male riders, Carrollton is now the fourth oldest parading krewe and one of the city's most popular parades.

2014 is their 90th anniversary. The Krewe's theme is "Carrollton Goes Two by Two." The krewe throws doubloons, towels and slap bracelets.

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