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The Mystic Knights of Adonis Parade Route

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in the Westbank
  • The Mystic Knights of Adonis parade will begin at the intersection of Terry Parkway and Wright Avenue.
  • The parade follows Terry Parkway until reaching Carole Sue Avenue, where the parade takes a left.
  • The parade follows Carol Sue Avenue until reaching Behrman Highway, where they parade takes another left
  • The parade follows Behrman Highway north to the intersection with General De Gaulle Drive.
  • The parade travels on General De Gaulle until the intersection with Kabel Drive, where the parade will end.

AdonisFounded in 1999, The Mystic Knights of Adonis shares only a similarity in name to The Mystic Krewe of Adonis which paraded in Orleans Parish during the 1950's.

Adonis was the epitome of male beauty, admired by mortals and gods alike in Greek Mythology.

This Krewe is comprised of 200 male and female riders, 16 floats, marching bands and can be seen on the Westbank in Jefferson Parish.