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Krewe of Poseidon Parade Route

in Slidell
  • The Krewe of Poseidon parade will start at the intersection of Berkley Street and Spartan Drive in Slidell, Louisiana.
  • The parade will follow Spartan Drive northwest to Highway 11, where it will turn northeast.
  • The parade will follow Highway 11 all the way up to Highway 190, where it will proceed east on 190 East.
  • The Krewe of Poseidon will proceed through town just past the intersection of 190 and Kensington Boulevard, where the parade will end.

Krewe of Poseidon What better name than “Poseidon” for a krewe in Slidell, a community surrounded by water. Named after the Greek God of the Sea, this coed krewe, founded in 2015, has quickly grown to be one of the largest krewes on the Northshore. They typically roll with 20+ floats and over 400 riders.

Since the Krewe of Poseidon is sea-themed, expect to catch throws like clams, stuffed seahorses, mermaids and foam replicas of Poseidon's trident.

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