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Krewe of Olympia Parade Route

in Covington
  • The Krewe of Olympia parade will begin at the interesection of North Columbia Street and Jefferson Street in Covington, Louisiana.
  • The parade will follow North Columbia Street south until it reaches East Boston Street, where it will turn west.
  • From East Boston, the parade will go southwest on South Jefferson Avenue.
  • At the intersection of South Jefferson and East 15th Avenue, the krewe will turn northwest and follow 15th.
  • On South Taylor Street, the parade will turn towards the northeast and proceed until it reaches at West 23rd Avenue.
  • On 23rd, the parade will turn southeast and venture back down to North Jefferson Avenue.
  • From North Jefferson, the krewe will go back to East 21st and go east.
  • The parade will end where it began at the interesection of North Columbia Street and North Thread Street.


The Mystic Krewe of Olympia was formed in 1965 by a group of northshore businessmen that wanted to bring a New Orleans style parade to the northshore community so that the rural residents who may have never seen a parade could see one without having to travel across the lake.

The Krewe parades through Covington in the evening two Saturdays before Fat Tuesday.

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