Days Left Until
Mardi Gras


krewedelusion Parade Route

in the French Quarter

krewedelusion is the Big Easy's newest, satirical parade. krewedelusion keeps its annual theme a secret until the actual day of the parade. This unique parade krewe is the root organization from which a myriad of small upstart and existing parading clubs will blossom. Costumes are required to be a part of krewedelusion!

Some of the "innerkrewes" of krewedelusion include:

  • Guise of Fawkes
  • Krewe Dat 504
  • Krewe de Fou
  • Krewe de Seuss
  • Krewe du Jieux
  • Krewe du Sue
  • Krewe Libertas
  • Krewe of Goddesses
  • Krewe of Hellarious Wingnuts
  • Krewe of King James
  • Krewe of Krakatoa
  • Krewe of London, France, and Underpants
  • Krewe of R.U.M.
  • Krewe of Won
  • Krewe What Thou Wilt
  • Skinz-n-Bonez
  • Tap Dat
  • The Alkreweists
  • The Merry Antoinettes
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