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Each Mardi Gras Parade Krewe has a unique history and theme. Some have been around for decades, while others have been in existence for just a few years. Below is a full list of Mardi Gras Parade Krewes.

Mardi Gras Indians

Featured Parade Krewes

Krewe of Zulu
Home page of the Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club, well-known for its interesting history and "golden nugget" (coconut) parade throws.

Mardi Gras Indians
The Mardi Gras tradition often considered our "Black Mardi Gras". See the beautiful beaded and feathered costumes they hand-design and create throughout the entire year!

Krewe of Bacchus
Krewe of Bacchus features national celebrity monarchs each year, and draws hundreds of thousands of visitors. Its yearly exclusive Rendezvous can be seen live. Re-broadcasts now online!

Krewe of Rex
This parade krewe is the origin of many traditions of Mardi Gras, including the Carnival colors of purple, green and gold, as well as the collectible doubloon coins (introduced by Rex in 1960).

Krewe of Endymion
Endymion quickly emerged as one of Carnival's 'Super-Krewes' in 1974 with the inclusion of more floats and celebrity guests.

Other Parade Krewes:

'tit Rəx
'tit Rəx is New Orleans first and only MicroKrewe. A group of artists, business people, teachers, workers and bon vivants founded 'tit Rəx in 2009 in a response to the super krew…Read More »

Krewe of Alla
For 82 years, the Krewe of Alla was all-male. Those days are over. One of the city's oldest parades is officially co-ed ad. Founded in Algiers in 1932, the krewe now parades Uptown. Since its f…Read More »

Krewe of Argus
The Krewe of Argus, founded in 1972, includes 450 male, female and child riders. Over a million revelers looking for family-oriented parades flock to the Veterans Memorial Parade Route in Metairie o…Read More »

Krewe of Athena
The Krewe of Athena Carnival Club, Inc. is the newest all-female Mardi Gras club in Jefferson Parish. The carnival group was incorporated as the Krewe of Athena Carnival Club, Inc. in March of 2014. S…Read More »

Knights of Babylon
The Knights of Babylon were found in 1939, by a group of professionals called The Jeter’s Club that wanted to stage a first-class parade for the public. They continue that tradition today using…Read More »

Krewe of Bacchus
Early in 1968, the Krewe of Bacchus broke with Carnival tradition by staging a Sunday night parade with bigger and more spectacular floats than anything previously seen in Carnival. They then decided…Read More »

Krewe of Barkus
The Krewe Of Barkus isn’t like your other Mardi Gras Parade. This one has gone to the dogs. Man’s best friend is the center of this parade through the streets of the French Quarter wi…Read More »

Krewe of Bilge
Sometimes floats float! The Krewe of Bilge is a Mardi Gras boat parade in Slidell, Louisiana. For the last 40 years, Bilge has thrown beads, cups and other Carnival treasures to parade goers from the…Read More »

Krewe of Bosom Buddies
The Krewe of Bosom Buddies & Breast Friends is a walking krewe that parades in the French Quarter on the Friday before Mardi Gras. Founded in 2013, they set out to create “a laid-back, in…Read More »

Krewe of Caesar
Founded in 1979, the Krewe of Caesar takes the name of an actual historical figure rather than a myth. Formed by more than 800 men and women members, Caesar is the largest Carnival organization in…Read More »

Krewe of Carrollton
Founded in 1924 by a group of local businessmen, the Krewe of Carrollton is the fourth oldest parading krewe and one of New Orleans most popular and traditional parades of the Carnival season. The…Read More »

Krewe of Centurions
The 350+ all-male Krewe of Centurions were named after legendary ancient Roman warriors who commanded “centuries” – companies of 100 men. Founded in 1979 by businessmen from t…Read More »

Knights of Chaos
According to Greek mythology, Chaos was the void out of which the universe and all its gods were created. In 2000, the Knights of Chaos filled the void created when the Knight of Momus stopped par…Read More »

Krewe of Chewbacchus
The 900-member Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus is a Sci-Fi themed Mardi Gras parade, as well as a self-described satirical space cult. Chewbacchus consists of over 150 distinct subkrewes, each of …Read More »

Krewe of Choctaw
Although this social club was founded in 1935, the Krewe of Choctaw didn’t have their first parade until 1939 when they bought ten old mail wagons from the U.S. Government – the chassis f…Read More »

Krewe of Claude
The Washington Heights Tenant Association established this krewe in 1986 and focuses on service to their community.  This parade kicks off the Carnival season in Slidell taking the traditional Sl…Read More »

Krewe of Cleopatra
Founded in 1972, the first all-female krewe on the West Bank moved to the East Bank in 2012, becoming the first all-female organization on the Uptown route. Their motto is: "Her beauty is timeless,…Read More »

Krewe of Cork
  Founded in 2000, the Krewe of Cork has grown into a world-famous Mardi Gras and wine industry phenomenon. Krewe members gather on selected Fridays, usually the first Friday of each month, a…Read More »

Krewe of Crescent City
Founded in 1947, the trucks in the Crescent City parade hold over 3,000 male and female riders. The trucks each represent a different Carnival organization. The krewe sets no overall theme for the…Read More »

Krewe of Dionysus
The Krewe of Dionysus was founded in 1985 by a group of Northshore businessmen with the intention of bringing the first all-male krewe to Slidell. The club’s royalty is selected at the Coro…Read More »

Krewe of Druids
Established in 1998, the Ancient Druids take their name from the priest class of ancient Celtic societies who connected their people with the gods and nature. The Ancient Druids are a parade-only …Read More »

Krewe of Elks Jefferson
Founded in 1974, The Krewe of Elks-Jeffersonians is sponsored by the Benevolent Protective Order of the Elks, a worldwide fraternal society dedicated to charitable deeds. Following the Krewe of Argu…Read More »

Krewe of Elks Orleans
Founded in 1935, the Krewe of Elks Orleans is the oldest and largest of all the truck float krewes. The Elks Orleans are a group of over 50 individually designed truck floats that parade following…Read More »

Krewe of Endymion
Endymion, a figure from Greek mythology, was a mortal granted eternal youth by Zeus, at the request of the Moon Goddess who loved him for his beauty. It is also the name of Carnival's largest pa…Read More »

Krewe of Eve
The Krewe of Eve was created in 1986 when six local residents decided to form a ladies-only parade krewe. The Krewe of Eve began with 260 ladies, after its founding members threw a party and invited m…Read More »

Krewe of Excalibur
Founded in 2000, Excalibur was named for the legendary sword of King Arthur. Formed by approximately 250 men and women members, the Krewe of Excalibur's medieval theme lends itself to grand costu…Read More »

Krewe of Freret
The Krewe of Freret is a New Orleans based co-ed krewe that with a focus on preserving Mardi Gras tradition, supporting local businesses and conducting service events that benefit the city. …Read More »

Krewe of Hermes
Founded in 1937, while America suffered through the Great Depression, a group of New Orleans businessman met to come up with a solution to the widespread woes of the time, a solution that only New Or…Read More »

Krewe of Iris
Organized in 1917, the Krewe of Iris is the oldest and one of the largest female Carnival organization for women. Holding strong to the honored Mardi Gras traditions in its tableau ball and parade, I…Read More »

Krewe of Isis
Founded in 1973, the all-female Krewe of Isis first started parading in Kenner before taking the standard Veterans Memorial Boulevard route in Jefferson Parish. Isis is Metairie’s oldest all-fe…Read More »

Krewe of Jefferson
Founded in 1972, the Krewe of Jefferson is the last truck parade in Jefferson Parish. Krewe Of Jefferson was founded by former captain of the Krewe Of Jason wanted to bring Mardi Gras to Jefferson P…Read More »

Krewe of Joan of Arc
The Joan of Arc parade is an annual walking parade to celebrate St Joan of Arc’s birthday and Epiphany. The procession is inspired by Joan’s time in France in the 1400s, where she liberated the ci…Read More »

Krewe of King Arthur and Merlin
Founded in 1977 on the West Bank, King Arthur now parades on New Orleans' Uptown route. The Krewe of King Arthur's 675+ members are best known for their afternoon parade on the first Sunday …Read More »

Krewe of Kings
Introducing Metairie's newest krewe, Krewe of Kings!Read More »

Krewe d'Etat
Founded in 1996, Le Krewe d'Etat features 21 floats, including a special signature High Priest Float. Its floats adhere to a traditional style of design that impart Le Krewe d'Etat'…Read More »

krewedelusion is one of the city’s newest, satirical parades. It’s slogan: The People Shall Rule – Until a Suitable Replacement Can Be Found. This unique parade krewe is comprised &q…Read More »

Krewe of Little Rascals
Founded in 1983, The Krewe of Little Rascals is America's longest-running, most flamboyant children's Mardi Gras krewe in Carnival history. Named after the famous group of kids from TV an…Read More »

Krewe of Lyra
The Krewe of Lyra is a coed social networking organization and Mardi Gras Krewe based on the Northshore. They were founded in 2010, originally as an all-women organization but became coed in 2013. …Read More »

Krewe of Mid-City
Founded in 1933, the Krewe of Mid-City is the 5th-oldest continuously parading organization of the New Orleans Mardi Gras season. Often called "The best day parade in Mardi Gras," Mid-City…Read More »

Krewe of Morpheus
Established in 2000, the Krewe of Morpheus is named for the Greek god of dreams. The krewe strives to be inclusive in membership, and is formed by more than 500 male and female riders. This krewe …Read More »

Krewe of Muses
Organized in 2000, the Krewe of Muses is named after the legendary daughters of Zeus. In Greek mythology, muses were patrons of the arts and sciences, as well as sources of inspiration f…Read More »

Knights of Nemesis
The Knights of Nemesis take its name from the goddess of retribution in the Greek mythology. In 2004, a group of one-time members from the Krewe of Gladiators and several long-time carnival parade…Read More »

Krewe of NOMTOC
Founded in 1951, the Krewe of NOMTOC (New Orleans Most Talked Of Club) began parading on the West Bank in 1970. The inaugural parade had six floats, six bands, six marching units, one horse group a…Read More »

Krewe of Nyx
Founded in 2012, the Mystic Krewe of Nyx is one of the city’s largest all-women's Mardi Gras krewes. It prides itself on embracing women of diverse backgrounds. Their motto is “Friends…Read More »

Krewe of Okeanos
Founded in 1949, the Krewe of Okeanos is named for the Greek god of oceans and fertile valleys. It is sponsored by the Sonaeko Club (that’s Okeanos spelled backwards) Okeanos was originally for…Read More »

Krewe of Olympia
The Mystic Krewe of Olympia was formed in 1965 by a group of businessmen who wanted to bring a New Orleans-style parade to the Northshore. The Krewe parades through Covington in the evening two Saturd…Read More »

Original Krewe of Orpheus
In 1987, eleven businessmen set out to form a new carnival krewe that would bring a first-class parade to Mandeville. Today, more than 30 years later, Orpheus is the Northshore's premier men's…Read More »

Krewe of Orpheus
Founded in 1993, the Krewe of Orpheus takes its name from the musically-inclined son of Zeus and Calliope. Founding members included Harry Connick, both the junior and senior. In New Orleans, the …Read More »

Krewe of Oshun
Founded in 1996, the Krewe of Oshun is named for the Yoruba goddess of love and intimacy. This parade features marching baby dolls as well as a band contest. Some of their throws include peacock figur…Read More »

Krewe of Pandora
Riding for the first time in 2016, The Krewe of Pandora are “the Jewels of Jefferson Parish Mardi Gras.” In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first mortal women created by the Gods. From Aphrodit…Read More »

Krewe of Paws
The Krewe De Paws is based at Abigails in Olde Towne and will parade through Olde Towne Slidell to help revitalize the once popular area. The goal of The Krewe De Paws is three fold, Have a lot of …Read More »

Krewe of Pearl River Lions Club
Founded in 1953, the Krewe of Pearl River Lions Club supports the Pearl River Lions Club, a group that provides eye care for those who qualify. This beloved day parade in Pearl River is a family affa…Read More »

Krewe of Perseus
The Mystick Krewe of Perseus of Slidell is the city's oldest Carnival organization, founded in 1970, and is named for the Greek god who slew Medusa. Perseus hosts a ball and a thirteen-float p…Read More »

Phunny Phorty Phellows
Mardi Gras ends every year at the stroke of midnight with the mayor and police officers riding through the French Quarter on horseback. Here’s how it begins. Every year on Twelfth Night, the Ph…Read More »

Krewe of Pontchartrain
Organized in 1975 and named after Lake Pontchartrain, this fun krewe includes both men & women riders with the goal of providing a quality parade to New Orleans citizens and visitors. Throws incl…Read More »

Krewe of Poseidon
What better name than “Poseidon” for a krewe in Slidell, a community surrounded by water. Named after the Greek God of the Sea, this coed krewe, founded in 2015, has quickly grown to be one of t…Read More »

Krewe of Proteus
Founded in 1882, the Krewe of Proteus is the second-oldest krewe in Carnival history. Their floats even still use the original chassis from the 1880's. The Krewe of Proteus parade is based on …Read More »

Krewe of Pygmalion
Founded in 2000, Pygmalion takes its name from the Greek legend of a Cypress king who sculpted a statue of the sea nymph Galatea. So real and beautiful was the statue to Pygmalion, he fell helplessly…Read More »

Krewe of Rex
The Rex parade is an annual attraction of traditional New Orleans Mardi Gras and considered a centerpiece of the festival because of the Krewe’s rich and colorful themes, maskers in original cos…Read More »

Krewe of Selene
The Krewe of Selene parades in Slidell, Louisiana on the Friday night before Mardi Gras. It came into existence in 1998, founded by a group of local professional women. Their first year began with a …Read More »

Krewe of Slidellians
The Slidell Women's Civic Club was founded in 1947 and formed to assist in service to the community of Eastern St. Tammany parish.  Their Krewe of Slidellians takes the traditional Slidell pa…Read More »

Société Des Champs Elysée
Celebrate Twelfth Night and the beginning of Carnival season with the city's newest Mardi Gras krewe – La Société Pas Si Secrète Des Champs-Élysées (The …Read More »

Knights of Sparta
This years theme: A Knight at the TonysFounded in 1951, the Knights of Sparta take their name from the city-state in southern Greece, renowned for its simple, stoic ways and exemplary disciplines. …Read More »

Krewe of Tchefuncte
The Krewe of Tchefuncte was organized in 1973. It is a boat parade that cruises the Tchefuncte River in Madisonville, Louisiana every Sunday before Mardi Gras. While most Mardi Gras Krewe’s …Read More »

The Mystic Knights of Adonis
Founded in 1999, The Mystic Knights of Adonis shares only a similarity in name to The Mystic Krewe of Adonis which paraded in Orleans Parish during the 1950's. Adonis was the epitome of male b…Read More »

The Mystic Krewe of Femme Fatale
The Mystic Krewe of Femme Fatale, founded in 2013, parades Uptown on the first Sunday of Mardi Gras season. Femme Fatale was the first krewe founded by African American women for African women, alth…Read More »

Krewe of Thoth
Founded in 1947, the Krewe of Thoth is named for the Egyptian Patron of Wisdom and Inventor of Science, Art and Letters. The krewe's original parade route was designed specifically to serve peopl…Read More »

Krewe of Titans
The Mystic Krewe of Titans is a parade that takes place in Slidell, Louisiana. The Krewe is one of the newest parading organizations in Slidell, formed in 2009. The Krewe is composed of 125 m…Read More »

Krewe of Tucks
The Krewe of Tucks first began in 1969 as a group of Loyola University students. The name "Krewe of Tucks" comes from the name of a now non-existen uptown pub where two college students dec…Read More »

Krewe du Vieux
When the Krewe of Clones (founded in 1978) decided to become more respectable, Craig "Spoons" Johnson and Don Marshall decided to keep the parade's original raucous, art-inspired spiri…Read More »

Krewe of Zulu
Early in 1909, a group of laborers who had organized a club named "The Tramps" went to the Pythian Theater to see a musical comedy performed by the Smart Set. The comedy included a skit enti…Read More »

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