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New Orleans Weather Could Shift Parade Schedule

Posted on: February 17 2012 | Posted in: News

**Update: It's confirmed that uptown parades are rolling 30 minutes earlier on Friday, February 17th. Krewe of Hermes at 5:30, Krewe D'Etat at 6:00, and Krewe of Morpheus at 6:30.

Storms are moving toward New Orleans, and we could see some pretty big changes in the parade lineup for Friday and Saturday. While forecasters are still optimistic about Friday's parades (though they may have to move up half an hour), Saturday's day parades look doubtful. Saturday evening parades may still be safe, but, of course, only time will tell.

The parades that are mostly likely to be effected are the Krewe of Iris, the Krewe of Tucks, and the Krewe of NOMTOC. Currently, no one has mentioned canceling parades, but re-scheduling could occur.

We will post news as it becomes available through the day.

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