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Celebrities in Mardi Gras 2012

Posted on: January 12 2012 | Posted in: News

No Mardi Gras would be complete without its share of celebrities in the parades, and 2012 does not disappoint.

Will Ferrell, Bret Michaels, Cyndi Lauper, Maroon 5, Anderson Cooper, and Patricia Clarkson will celebrate Mardi Gras in the Big Easy this year.

Actor / comedian Will Ferrell (Step Brothers, Anchorman, Saturday Night Live) will serve as the God of Wine with the Krewe of Bacchus. Musicians Brett Michaels (lead singer for rock band Poison) and Cyndi Lauper (80’s rocker) are the monarchs for the Krewe of Orpheus. Michaels will also perform in the Orpheuscapade at the New Orleans Convention Center following the parade. Singer / TV personality Adam Levine and Maroon 5 will lead as Grand Marshals of Endymion, and newscaster Anderson Cooper will ride as a special guest of the same krewe. New-Orleans-born actress Patricia Clarkson (The Green Mile, Shutter Island) is the Honorary Muse for the Krewe of Muses in 2012.

Get your parade schedules for all of your favorite krewes, and have a festive Mardi Gras!

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